2018 Annual Report


Micro improvements drive massive scale. It is in the details that we achieve continuous performance.


A Message from Joe

Paying attention to every detail. It’s what we do at Palmetto GBA, and how we’re able to achieve year-end performance metrics of 98.9 percent. We’ve built a culture that harnesses the power of human potential. We start with doing one task well, then build more complicated systems and processes. By providing five-star service that makes our customers' jobs easier and remaining agile, we're able to maximize our strengths and drive explosive growth.

The award of a second Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) contract – Jurisdiction J (JJ) – provides an exceptional example. In 2018, we realized a strategic goal and increased our Medicare Administrative Contractor market share to 15.3 percent. The Palmetto GBA team spent much of 2018 implementing this significant contract and made the challenging transition look effortless. Our first performance evaluation from the CMS was excellent, with CMS commending us for exceptional work, flexibility and adaptability during the transition. Additionally, we won seven new contracts last year, increasing our workforce by 18 percent. We’re now more than 2,000 employees strong.

We’ve hit the ground running in 2019 and will manage this growth seamlessly while taking our customer service to even greater heights. When you never lose sight of the details, unparalleled innovation is possible. I’m excited to watch it unfold.

Best regards,


Walter J. Johnson
President & COO


Our Philisophy

We believe technical and administrative solutions have the power to enhance service and quality. And we are constantly striving to reach new heights of performance to improve the quality of life for our customers, employees and communities.